Great packaged food starts outside the box.

CCD Innovation infuses every project with the unique perspectives of the chefs and food and beverage professionals that make up our 100-member Chefs’ Council®. Their eclectic backgrounds and creative spirits spark fresh ways of looking at food, uncovering new opportunities and new ways to think about products. It’s a perspective, process, and methodology you won’t find anywhere else.


The Power of Taste®

For 25 years, the Power of Taste® has been core to our food and beverage innovation process. Our Chefs’ Council® is a big part of that methodology. They are trendsetters and tastemakers, influencing culinary culture and exploring global culinary traditions. This expertise and perspective are what they bring to the table to ensure that our work makes your work stand out.


A Taste of Our Chefs’ Council® Services

  • Ideation & Concept Ignition
  • Flavor Roundtable·
  • Product Review & Optimization

Meet the Chefs


Our Chefs' Council® is a visionary group of nearly 100 trend-forward food and beverage professionals whose expertise spans a broad range of categories: restaurant owners and operators, executive chefs, bakers, mixologists, food writers, university foodservice chefs, nutritionists, ethnic and health specialists, and even barbecue and Chinese herbal medicine gurus. Their creativity, direct consumer contact and culinary know-how is not to be missed. To learn more about our chefs, click, then hover over one of their shining faces.