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We know that no two clients and no two projects are identical. Our approach is tailored to your needs, custom-built from the tools, processes and insights we continue to refine to address an ever-changing business landscape. Whether you’re looking to increase market share, refine an existing product, identify a new product category, or extend an existing product, CCD Helmsman has the tools to help you succeed in the world we live in now.


Miss Jones Baking Co.

Miss Jones Baking Co. wanted to reformulate a line of organic cake and brownie mixes and approached us to help them launch a new line of products.


Mondelez Gum

The Mondelez gum group approached us to create two new product pipelines for two different brands, each with their own distinct consumer experience strategy. This was a global initiative targeting several countries.


Dear North,

Dear North, owned by Alaska natives, is a lifestyle brand offering uniquely Alaskan natural foods. They approached us to help them identify a new product category and ultimately launch a new line of products.



Red’s All Natural sought to expand its frozen food products beyond wholesome burritos and burrito bowls by tapping into the riced cauliflower trend while leveraging its current manufacturing capabilities.