Trends reflect consumer needs & wants.

That’s why it’s so important to bring the right trend insights to the table. For 25 years we have been connecting the dots between the consumer values that drive trend adoption and the many ways trends appear in the foodscape to translate the trends relevant to your business. We understand how trends work so they can work for you.


How We Can Help You

  • Our five-stage Trend Map® makes sense of the busy, buzzy world of trend
  • Our Consumer Value Stream methodology illuminates the whys behind trend adoption
  • We translate trends strategically, to inspire and inform brand and business growth

A Taste of Our Trend Insight Services

  • Trend Infusions and Immersions

  • Trend Tours

  • Trend Reports & Consultations

  • Trend Insights Package with Newsletters & Reports

  • Industry Speaking Engagements


– Kyle Shadix, Director Corporate Executive Research Chef, PepsiCo R&D


Trend Insights from CCD Innovation