Art, meet Science.

We deliver unparalleled culinary solutions, translating the creative brilliance of our Chefs’ Council® into viable food and beverage products thanks to the exceptional talents of our in-house, culinary-trained food scientists. These always-tasty solutions will expand your vision, inspire your thinking, and grow your brand and business. This is the Power of Taste® at work.


Our Secret Sauce

CCD Innovation’s internal product development team has the rare ability to translate recipes and ideas into protocepts, prototypes and benchtop formulas designed to succeed in a real-world manufacturing environment—all without losing the core culinary inspiration.


A Taste of Our Culinary Development Services

  • Protocept & Prototype Development

  • Consumer Research Samples

  • Product Optimization

  • Flavor Matching

  • Ingredient Usage Illustration

  • Menu Consulting

"The CCD team was unusually adept at taking our objectives and helping us convert them to thoughtful product strategies. They did an excellent job putting together the perfect Chefs’ Council® team for our needs and leading this team to some truly breakout solutions for us."

- Anne Fuller, Senior Director, Concept Design, Yum! KFC