Get to market faster. And smarter.

Our commercialization team is in the room from the start. This ensures the solutions we co-create can actually make it to market, whether working with your existing capabilities or with contract manufacturers we help identify. We use our deep knowledge of supply chain economics and manufacturing realities to keep costs in check, optimizing your margin as we translate the culinary creativity of our chefs and food scientists into a solution that protects your bottom line while staying true to your brand and business goals.


We get you on shelves

We speak the language of every stakeholder, from marketers to product developers, finance, engineering and manufacturing. We anticipate their needs in advance, leveraging our exceptional supplier relationships and co-packer expertise to keep projects moving forward on time and under budget.


A Taste of Our Commercialization Services:

  • Project Management

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Ingredient & Packaging Sourcing

  • Shelf-Life Study

  • Contract Manufacturer Search & Vetting

  • Production Line Trials

  • Production Scale-up



"CCD Innovation has taken my best laid plans and ideas and turned them into a reality I didn’t even think was possible. It delivered superb, differentiated, and delicious solutions — and then translated them into commercialized products that can be consistently and affordably produced. And best of all, consumers love them. The team at CCD Innovation has the long-time experience and nuanced judgment that led to success. They have been a great partner in my food innovation journey."

– Anne French, Principal, Landec New Ventures