Red’s All Natural sought to expand its frozen food products beyond wholesome burritos and burrito bowls by tapping into the riced cauliflower trend while leveraging its current manufacturing capabilities. The company asked us to create three trend-inspired frozen riced cauliflower bowl entrees that reflected Red’s brand promise and seamlessly fit into its manufacturing line within an expedited timeline.


We began the project with an analysis of the competitive landscape and current culinary flavor trends to identify territories where Red’s All Natural could expand and become a market leader. Once the target flavor profiles were determined and a design brief created, CCD Innovation began sourcing commercial ingredients to complement those currently being utilized by Red’s to expedite timing and maintain tight cost parameters. Three riced cauliflower bowl prototypes were swiftly developed in collaboration with the Red’s All Natural team to meet strict nutritional guidelines and cost targets while still delivering bold, on-trend global flavors and an appealing texture as top priorities. 


Red’s launched its Chicken, Cilantro and Lime; Chicken Teriyaki; and Chicken Tikka Masala Riced Cauliflower entrees and successfully expanded Red’s presence in the frozen aisle with a gluten-free, high-protein convenient line of meals.




  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • Trend-Informed Design Brief

  • Prototype Development

  • Cost Target and Optimization

  • Product Development to nutritional target

  • Commercial Ingredient Sourcing