Cannabis Beverage Trends

Talk about a fast-moving emerging trend! Kara Nielsen led a Cannabis Beverage Trends Panel at the Nightclub and Bar Show 2018 in Las Vegas in March. Panel members included makers of both CBD- and THC-infused beverages who informed attendees about a range of topics: what effect these drinks have on consumers, how to approach serving cannabis beverages, ideal consumer targets, legalities and thing to keep in mind when exploring this space. In this complex arena, much depends on location and state and municipal rules, yet having a basic understanding of what cannabis edibles (and sippables) offer gives operators a place to start.  

Panel members included Scott Leshman, owner of pioneer brand Cannabinoid Creations, Miriam Novalle of High Tea, Erik Knutson of Keef Cola and Warren Bobrow, cannabis alchemist and cocktail whisperer.

Chris Lauer