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A collection of links to articles featuring voices of CCD Helmsman’s thought leaders.

Well + Good: Is alt-milk still milk? Inside the food lexicon debate the FDA has the final ruling on

Amidst the massive growth of plant-based foods comes arguments over names, naturally. Kara Nielsen, VP, Trends & Marketing, chimes in on how familiar issues around naming are in the food industry and the reality that eventually younger consumers will be so savvy, they will clearly understand the difference between animal milk and plant milks. October 22, 2018


Refinery29: The rich history of your overpriced latte

Those fancy lattes come with fancy prices which many people don’t even realize their paying, says CCD Helmsman’s Kara Nielsen, thanks to gift cards, payment apps and credit cards. September 27, 2018

Vox: How cauliflower took over your pizza, your kitchen and the world

Kara Nielsen shares her thoughts on how trends work in this fascinating piece that explores the cauliflower trend from various trend expert points of view. The malleable and bland vegetable first arrived in fine dining as a novel plant-based main dish ingredient, then eventually was transformed into a faux-grain and now pizza crust as the trend nears mainstream status. September 19, 2018

Consumer Reports: Is trail mix good for you?

Nutrient-dense nuts and dried fruits offer energy, sustenance and sometimes too much of a sweet treat, even though it’s what many consumers seek in their trail mix, comments Kara Nielsen. August 31, 2018

Cooking Light: How did pumpkin spice become so popular?

Symbolic for sure, but tasty in everything? Not so much, yet pumpkin spice lattes aren’t that different from seasonal flavors of the past, like Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s, says Kara Nielsen. August 22, 2108

Flavor & The Menu: Pasta’s Next Move

“The opportunity today is…using pasta as a canvas that’s malleable and variable, inviting bold combinations,” states Kara Nielsen, adding “the challenge today is surprising and delighting younger consumers. Modern takes on pasta are a smart path to that goal.” New menu ideas: explore texture; go vegetarian or vegan; add an egg; dial up the heat; explore global pasta traditions for new inspiration. August 7, 2018

Kara Nielsen