Frozen Food is Finding New Relevance


Frozen’s New Relevance by Nicole Potenza Denis, Specialty Food Magazine, Summer

Shoppers are frequenting the frozen aisle, finding reinvented, healthful fare that satisfies dietary requirements, lifestyle needs, time constraints and flavor fetishes, according to Specialty Food Magazine. Plant-based foods and those that fit alternative diets, such as the hugely popular cauliflower pizzas and gluten-free and grain-fee pastas, have a nice home in the frozen section, drawing in specialty and health-minded shoppers.

“The freezer has become a place to access unique products in new and creative formats—especially vegetables,” states Kara Nielsen of CCD Helmsman. Frozen veggie fries, veggie bowls and burgers are a few examples.

“The freezer is now giving off a bigger message of freshness and authenticity,” she adds. “New products and brand overhauls stand for something better—products are one step removed from being fresh.” Great graphics with colorful photos and contemporary branding are also helping with those messages. Read More>>

photo credit: specialty food magazine, capello

Chris Lauer