Vegan foods appeal to an ever-widening group of eaters


Vegan is trending in the plant-based space by Keith Nunes, Food Business News, May 13, 2019

While the term “vegan” has long been synonymous with consumer concerns about animal welfare and environmental sustainability, it is now becoming an attribute used as a point of differentiation in the plant-based food space. Numerous companies are introducing vegan products to capitalize on consumer interest.

According to Kara Nielsen, consumer interest in vegan products may be driven by greater environmental concerns and the perception that vegan foods may be safer for those who suffer from certain allergies.

“The environment is the biggest tipping point,” she said. “The animal welfare issue has been out there for a while, but the global warming thing is not to be ignored. It’s getting past another line of defense for a lot of flexitarian consumers. They look at it and think, ‘If this food tastes good and is better for the planet, that’s not a bad choice.’ But there are also people with dairy allergies and allergies to casein who may view vegan products as being safe.” Read More>>

Chris Lauer