Stroopwafel McFlurry pushes the Dutch cookie to mainstream trend status

Stroopwafels finally find an American audience - here’s how by Amelia Lucas, CNBC

Fans of the stroopwafel, a caramel-filled, cinnamon-scented waffle cookie from the Netherlands, have always known where to find packs of the imported treat. Now, all Americans can enjoy the crunchy-gooey cookie in a summer limited time menu offer from McDonald’s, the Stroopwafel McFlurry, part of four international menu items. Passengers on United already have the chance to put the circular waffle on top of a cup of coffee or tea, warming the caramel filling from the steam.

Kara Nielsen, CCD’s Trend Insights head, notes the pathway of the cookie from specialty European import to everyone’s new favorite coffee accompaniment. Mini versions have been sold for years in Trader Joe’s; U.S. artisan bakers started selling hand-made versions after the recession and turned on a new generation to the form; United added them to the snack menu in late 2015. With some effort from the largest producers in Holland, Daelmans, for example, stroopwafels are also more easily found on mainstream grocery store shelves.

It’s a great cookie for the American sweet tooth. it’s crunchy, full of sweet and chewy caramel, and is lightly spiced with cinnamon. There are honey and maple syrup versions and now even chocolate enrobed options. With this summer flurry of McFlurries, watch for the stroopwafel to solidify its place in America.

Kara Nielsen