Announcing CCD Helmsman’s 2019 Food Trends That Matter

We are pleased to present our 2019 Food Trends That Matter, nine trends organized by Consumer Value Stream and trend maturity. Please visit our Trend or Contact pages to download a copy of our colorful poster.

These trends reflect the main food values at play, starting with Culinary Culture, exemplified here by diners’ interests in global cuisine, exotic ingredients becoming more commonplace and fabulous flavor. The Source represents the importance of knowing where food comes from and supporting more sustainable sources such as upcycled ingredients like cascara, the dried husks of coffee cherries. Nutrition also drives consumer interest, whether it be for more functional boosts from mushrooms or nutrient-dense foods, like seafood and eggs (both low carb, by the way!).

Three stages of trend maturity give a sense of trend trajectory. On The Horizon trends are just gaining attention while those Coming Into View are already proliferating on menus and as packaged goods. More mainstream In View trends are well established in some places but that doesn’t mean there aren’t edgier examples. Yes, we know eggs give us a lot of protein bang for the buck, but cultured egg white beverages are a very new version of Egg Power.

Our trend poster illustrates the nine trends we believe will be turning heads in 2019 and includes a short description of each. To learn more about these trends or order the full report, contact Kara Nielsen, VP, Trends & Marketing at

2019 CCDH Food Trends image.jpg
Kara Nielsen