Talking About 2019 Food Trends

We have been asked quite a few questions about trends for 2019. Beyond our own 2019 Food Trends That Matter Forecast (download a poster here) that covers Plant Cheese Choices, Cassava and Cascara among others, read our thoughts on cannabis, crickets, cauliflower and…oat milk, one of our 2018 trends still expanding into this year!

Healthy Food Trends To Watch For - Consumer Reports, January 22, 2019

We comment on the future of oat milk, plant-based meat alternatives and FODMAP-friendly foods in this look into 2019 trends.

6 Trends to Impact the Food Industry in 2019 - Food Dive, January 7, 2019

Cannabis is top of the list in this food industry look at trends that also covers functional foods, the long-standing BFY trend, and, of course, plants.

Food Forecast: A Look at What We’ll Be Eating in 2019 - Epoch Times, January 3, 2019

In this extensive review of 2019 food trends, Kara Nielsen comments on cascara beverages, made with dried coffee cherry husks, and global cuisine: Across restaurant menus, retail shelves, and home pantries, CCD Helmsman’s Nielsen credited the growing interest in global cuisines to two complementary forces: For one, “I think we’re now in an era where people are ready and eager to reclaim their heritage,” she said, with chefs, artisans, and eaters reconnecting with their cultural roots and flaunting their traditional foods and flavors. On the other end, curious consumers—especially the millennial generation—are opening their minds and palates to discovering, learning about, and celebrating these myriad cultures and how the people within them eat.

Pot Cocktails, Cricket Protein and Milk Made From Oats: 6 Trendy Foods and Drinks for 2019 - CNBC, December 27, 2018

On cannabis, Kara says, "It's getting a lot of attention, but, it's still cloaked in a lot of mystery, confusion, ignorance and is spread by word of mouth.”

Listen to a clip of Kara Nielsen on KCBS Radio discussing Trends For 2019 That You Can Sink Your Teeth Into - KCBS Radio, December 24, 2018

Kara shares thoughts on the growing interest in non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages on bar and restaurant menus and at home. And if you aren’t enjoying cauliflower crust pizza already, you will get plenty of chances to in 2019.

2019 Food Trends: Cricket powder, edible insect start-ups spark love for bugs - USA Today, December 21, 2018

Here we join the conversation about insect protein and discuss who might be more ready to consume them than others. We think it’s younger generations with fewer years of living with stigmas around eating insects.

Got oat milk? You will soon - Well + Good, December 4, 2018

A trend that we called in late 2017 is gaining strides, oat milk. We credit both the plant-based hook and Americans’ familiarity with the ingredient, for turning oat milk into a home fridge staple. “Oats are a familiar American crop and already often part of morning mealtime, when many of these milk alternatives are used, whether on cereal, in a smoothie or for a coffee drink,” Kara says.

The Food Trends for 2019 - Eatery Pulse, Winter 2019

This magazine designed for foodservice / restaurant executives outlines CCD Helmsman’s 2019 Food Trends That Matter on pages 10-14.

The Unexpected Holiday Flavor You’re About to See Everywhere - Cooking Light, December 13, 2018

Hint: Juniper thanks to Starbuck’s Juniper Latte. In the article Kara Nielsen notes, “This trend has some deeper roots then it might seem to the casual observer.” Juniper is central to Nordic cuisine, which has been growing in popularity since Denmark’s award-winning restaurant Noma started collecting accolades, around 2010. One of the hallmarks of New Nordic is hyper-local ingredients, Nielsen explains, including juniper berries, which are often used in spice blends for cured salmon. There are also a lot of flavors from things that aren’t traditionally seen as food, such as pine, fir, and hay, which is used for smoking foods or serving them.

Kara Nielsen