New York Times features CCD Helmsman's Trend Voices

The New York Times’ Kim Severson offers “A Peek at Your New Plate: How You’ll Be Eating in 2019” which covers a range of food and beverage trends on deck for the new year. Amongst the cheese tea, lab-grown meat and salad robots are two trends from CCD Helmsman. Melina Romero, Trend Insights Manager, is quoted, explaining why millennials keep turning to sour, funky flavors of fermentation. She points out that millennials grew up on foods like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Sour Patch Kids, leaving them ever-curious to try farther out tastes.

Our 2019 Food Trends That Matter trend, Mushroom Rx, is also also cited. Will mushrooms beat out sea vegetables and algae as the “It” vegetable of 2019? There’s room for both, but do expect to see more foods enhanced by nutritious mushroom powder as well as a wide variety of fungi in foods of all types.

Here’s raising a non-alcoholic cocktail or cannabis-laced libation to the gustatory trends to come!

Kara Nielsen