CCD Helmsman’s Trend Voices on 2019 Trends

Specialty Food Association Trendspotters Reveal Winter Fancy Food Show Trends – PR Newswire, January 31, 2019

CCD Helmsman’s Kara Nielsen and Melina Romero joined the Specialty Food Association’s esteemed Trendspotter panel to identify the themes, foods and flavors trending at the Winter Fancy Food Show. Several overlapped with our own 2019 Food Trends That Matter: Ocean Harvest (nutritious foods made from sea vegetables); Adaptogens (teas and elixirs made with medicinal mushrooms); and Nuts & Oats (featuring plant-based cheeses). Read the full release to learn what else emerged from the Show.

Trend Report: The food you’ll be eating in 2019 – Euro News, January 31, 2019
Spain-based journalist Léa Surugue interviewed Kara Nielsen to get the low down on our 2019 Food Trends That Matter. “Along with taste and quality, sustainability and respect for the environment will remain core values for consumers…throughout the year.” Things to sample this year include more colorful veggie spreads, nutritious egg protein snacks and sips of coffee cascara brews.

The Laws of Attraction – Applied to Mushrooms – The Packer, January 21, 2019
It’s starting to feel like CCD Helmsman’s Food Trends That Matter hit the nail on the head with our Mushroom Rx trend. Love them or not, they are on our minds for blending into beef, transforming into a tasty jerky-like snack and lending their medicinal qualities to teas, powders and bars.

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Chris Lauer