Flavor & The Menu’s Top 10 Trends for Restaurant Menus

Being part of Flavor & The Menu’s Top 10 Trends Panel of Experts is always an honor. Chefs, developers and trend experts like us add our thoughts and impressions to the prescient list of trends the magazine’s editors and writer, Katie Ayoub, have identified.

Of the trends we discussed, French Evolution was near to our Francophile hearts. Chefs around the country are adding personal and regional touches to French classics to evolve the cuisine and show off new expressions for today’s diners. These add more fun and playful elements, global ingredients and an American innovative spirit.

One way into the trend, noted Kara Nielsen of CCD Helmsman, is burgers, a tried and true classic and a broad platform for exploration. “How can salty French butter play a role on a meat patty or even a bun? Is there a place for duck or duck fat in a premium build? French wine melded with caramelized onions, shallots or leeks makes for an elegant and flavorful garnish.”

Kara also added her prediction for what trends are On The Horizon – 2019 & Beyond. She sees tastes coming up from Down Under. Yep, Australia is already a subtle influencer of food trends (think Flat White coffees) and will continue to do so thanks to the growth of Aussie-style coffeeshops and restaurants (look for vibrant beet lattes). The country’s embrace of good fats, sustaining grains and global flavors is a winning combination for how we want to eat now.

Photo Credit: The Emporium, Flavor & The Menu

Chris Lauer