Delicious Dates Abound at Summer Fancy Food Show

Much Ado About Dates by Monica Watrous, Food Business News, July 8, 2019

Dates stepped out into the limelight in new products at the Summer Fancy Food Show this past June. CCD Innovation featured dates in its 2018 Food Trends That Matter forecast as part of the Alt-Sweet trend. At that time, dates were stealthily sweetening condiments, energy bars, baked goods and functional shakes.

In the few years that have gone by since, Middle Eastern cuisines, including Turkish, Syrian and Israeli, have been trending, bringing with them dates in desserts, syrups and baked goods.

CCD Innovation’s Kara Nielsen, who attended the Show, quickly noticed innovative date spreads from brand new brands and incubated companies. Wanna Date from Brooklyn and Sweet Tahini each had spreads featuring creamy, sweet dates. >>Read More

image credit: Date Lady, Inc./Food Business News

Chris Lauer