The Frappuccino as Rite of Passage for Tweens & Teens

The Frappuccino as Rite of Passage by Kelsey Lawrence,, July 5, 2019

CCD Innovation’s Kara Nielsen adds her thoughts to this exploration of culinary culture. Starbucks has become such a part of the American foodscape that it is no surprise that kids are exposed to the coffee shop from a young age and navigate the menu themselves when they grow into tweens and teens.

Kara’s niece, Evelyn, talks about how her suburban Indianapolis friends can bike to a local Starbucks after school to buy beverages. Frappuccinos have now given way to coconut water-based, fruit-flavored Refreshers for her rising high school freshman friends, but her younger brother, at age 12, is all about the Frappuccino. Each age reaches for the drink that feels familiar but with a bit of a stretch towards adulthood. >>Read More

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Chris Lauer